Dona Antonia Reserva White

Ferreira Port Dona Antonia Reserva White

Tasting Notes

Golden yellow in color. It has an intense aroma, with notes of bitter marmalade, a floral quality, exotic wood and dried fruits and nuts, with a light, peppery and curry-like spice. The wood ageing adds nobility, complexity and the required richness.


30% Malvasia Fina, 20% Códega, 20% Viosinho, 20% Rabigato, 10% Arinto

Technical Notes

Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserva White is made by the traditional Porto Wine method. The grapes were picked slightly over-ripe. After light crushing and destalking, they were macerated in the juice throughout the fermentation period, with the aim of extracting as many of the aromatic compounds from the grape skins as possible. The juice therefore underwent an intensive program of pumping over, which meant that the desired compounds were completely diffused in the juice, while the skins were kept whole. During this phase, fermentation temperatures and densities were rigorously controlled so as to choose the ideal moment to add the spirit required to stop the fermentation, which depends on the grape varieties, ripeness and desired sweetness (medium in the case of our White Porto range). The balance of body and aroma was achieved by selecting grape varieties with the right characteristics and choosing when to stop the fermentation. This determines the final sweetness of the wine. After the harvest, the wine remained in the Douro, and during the winter underwent the first racking, at which time certain adjustments were made. It was transported to Vila Nova de Gaia during the following spring, where it began the traditional ageing process for Porto Wine, in oak casks of 640 liters, in Ferreira style. During this period, the wines are racked, analyzed and tasted many times, which enables the winemakers to follow their progress, and begin to think about the blend. The final blend is chosen from selected batches that, when put together, have the taste profile of Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserva White. To this end, the chosen wines were aged between 4 and 9 years to maintain the same style, with an average age of 7 years. After blending came the final touches before bottling.

Food Pairing

Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserva White is excellent with soufflés, pâtés and desserts.

Did you know fact

In homage to 'the Ferreirinha', the Dona Antónia range has now been modernized and strengthened with the addition of a Reserva White alongside the existing Reserva Tawny. There have always been white grapes planted in the Douro Valley. In former times, they were used to make wine with minimal character destined to be blended with red wines, lightening them in both color and body. Today, our objectives are quite different. The winemaking team, led by Luís Sottomayor, specifically seeks out Upper Douro grapes worthy of reserve status to make the new Dona Antónia Reserva White, with the kind of acidity and structure that will ensure maximum ageing potential. 'The Ferreirinha' herself was something of a pioneer in the Upper Douro, and record books of 1852 show that, as early as the mid-19th century, Dona Antónia was producing white wines that were the predecessors of this new white Porto Ferreira.