Introducing the first modern Portuguese sparkling wine in the US, solisto.

Deliciously styled for fun, and entertaining, solisto represents an entirely new contemporary offering in the Sparkling Wine category and delivers more of what consumers are seeking in bubbly!

The newest addition to Evaton’s portfolio of award-winning wines and spirits, solisto is expertly crafted by the masterful winemaking team behind Silk & Spice – a category leader, and one of the fastest growing red blends in the US.

solisto, which translates to “This Sun,” is a literal metaphor that embodies the driving force of the country and its people. Portugal is one of the sunniest places in the world and is brought to life by the elements of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, abundant sunshine, maritime breezes and the conviviality and joy of its people — this modern Portuguese sparkling wine elevates any occasion with its luxurious yet approachable appeal.

Diogo Sepulveda

Diogo Sepulveda

A seasoned winemaker who has over 15 years of experience in the wine industry. Diogo has a rich international career developing wines for countries including the USA, Australia and France. Diogo’s love of Portugal inspired him to create the first modern Portuguese bubbly.