Vinho Verde, Portugal

Nestled in the northwest corner of the country, Vinho Verdes is one of the oldest wine regions in Portugal and translates directly to “green wine”. Although the meaning is derived from the color green, the brand signifies “green” as “young”. Given its freshness, Gazela is a wine that is best enjoyed by the young. Vinho Verde, and Gazela, are suited to wine consumers looking for a light and refreshing wine for casual drinking occasions.

Diogo Sepúlveda

Diogo Sepúlveda

Diogo joined Sogrape in January 2022 as the Head of Winemaking & Viticulture. Diogo is responsible for numerous brands, including Silk & Spice, Mateus, Gazela, and Azevedo. With over 17 years of experience in the wine industry, Diogo has worked all around the world, including the USA, Australia, France and Portugal.

Diogo has an Engineer’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering by the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Technical University of Lisbon), and an MBA in Business Administration and Management by ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management, Diogo Sepúlveda began his career in 2003, in the regions of Douro and Alentejo.

In 2005, he was bestowed with the “António Porto Soares Franco” Merit Award for the best student of Winemaking & Viticulture of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.

As a complement to his academic training, Diogo Sepúlveda has also been investing in technical training. An example of this is the “Sensory Analysis of Grapes” training he undertook in 2007, in Italy, as well as several other wine tasting courses and advanced courses, such as: “Modern Distribution”, “Health, Safety and Environment in the Workplace”, “Leadership and Organization in the Workplace” and “Team Management”.