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NEW – Gazela!


One of Sogrape Vinhos’ most iconic and global brands. Vinho Verde in Northwest Portugal is the biggest DOC in the country with over 51,000 acres of vineyards. Its crisp and unoaked wines are released quickly after harvest and are meant to be drunk young.

Gazela is produced at the Azevedo Manor Estate, a magnificent estate purchased by Sogrape in 1982. Located at Lama, near Barcelo, Quinta de Azavedo is ideal for the production of high-quality Vinho Verde. The best regional wine varieties are planted here, especially Loureiro and Pederna, both recommended for making Vinho Verde. The estate is also equipped with a modern vinification centre.


A light and refreshing Vinho Verde with a very soft citrine yellow color and slight fizz that stimulates the palate. An aromatic, flavorful bouquet, and notes of tropical fruit. Well balanced with a slight touch of sugar.

40% Louriero (contributing hints of bay leaves and spices); 30% Pedernẫ (white floral aromas and citrus notes); 15% Trajadura (apricot and tropical fruit aromas); 15% Azal (bright acidity and citrus overtones)

9% Alcohol and naturally 30% lower in calories than the average white wine (81 versus 120). Produced at the Quinta de Azevedo wine center, a historic estate near Barcelos, in the Vinho Verde region, and bottled immediately after fermentation and final blending, to guarantee ultimate freshness.

A delightful aperitif or accompaniment to grilled fish, chicken, seafood, and salads, as well as with spicy Asian dishes, such as Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.


A fresh, semi-sparkling wine, displaying the best qualities of the Vinho Verde region in northwest Portugal. With a lush green landscape, Vinho Verde may literally mean “green wine” but it translates to “young wine.” Gazela is indeed meant to be drunk young, and is an extremely versatile pairing for all types of cuisine.

Borracal (35%) contributes tart red fruit and structure; Espadeiro (30%) herbal notes; Amaral (30%) lends a vibrant hue and mouthwatering acidity; Vinhao (5%) bringing a bright aroma of wild berries

Made exclusively from red grape varieties grown in the Vinho Verde region. Aged for approximately 2 months, resulting in the renowned Vinho Verde freshness.

Gazela VV Rosé is ideal as an aperitif, with salads, fish, seafood and Asian cuisine including sushi.