Silk & Spice


Silk & Spice evokes the exceptional flavors made possible by the Portuguese terroir, indigenous grapes, and the exotic spices discovered on the ‘silk and spice’ routes to the far east in the 1500’s.

Silk & Spice is a testament to this expedition; and with its quite literal ‘silky and spicy’ flavor profile, it is a celebration of Portugal’s capacity for silky, exotic wines with deep, rich layers and intense berry-fruit flavors. The route from Europe to the Indian Ocean – known as the “Silk & Spice Route” – was pioneered by Vasco da Gama, who rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1498. Flavors like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and pepper changed world cuisine, while silk from China became prized for its luxurious touch.

An original XV century map on the label shows the Bay of Bengal, separating South and Southeast Asia; the Portuguese coat of arms, a historical graphical element dating to 1248; and two caravels, a small, highly maneuverable boat developed by the Portuguese in the 15th century solely to explore the West African coast and arrive at the Indian Ocean.