Vinho Verde Rosé

Gazela Vinho Verde Rosé

Tasting Notes

A charming shade of raspberry, with a slight fizz sensation. On the tongue, it is lively and fresh, while simultaneously intense and well-balanced. You'll discover a light and fresh taste remains for an elegant finish. Gazela must be kept upright, in a dry and cool place. Given its freshness, Gazela is a wine that is best enjoyed young.


35% Borracal - Contributes tart red fruit and structure. 30% Espadeiro - Herbal notes. 30% Amaral - Lends a vibrant hue and mouthwatering acidity. 5% Vinhao - Bringing a bright aroma of wild berries.

Technical Notes

This wine was made exclusively from red grape varieties grown in the Vinho Verde region. Gentle crushing and pressing give way to a slightly pink juice, which is allowed to settle until it has the desired degree of clarity. The juice then ferments alone, without the skins, at a controlled temperature of 57ºF-61ºF.

Food Pairing

Gazela is ideal as an aperitif, with salads, fish, seafood dishes and Asiatic cuisine or sushi

Did you know fact

One of Sogrape Vinhos’ most iconic and global brands. Vinho Verde in Northwest Portugal is the biggest DOC in the country with over 51,000 acres of vineyards. Its crisp and unoaked wines are released quickly after harvest and are meant to be drunk young. In 2015, with the help of a national and innovative marketing campaign, the word “gazelar” made its way into Portuguese lexicon. The ‘verb’ can be defined as to embark on a fun or relaxing experience, whether it be spending time with friends, relaxing on the beach with a glass of wine – anything that begs someone to say to their friends, let’s ‘gazelar.’


Rose Slushy

3 Parts Gazela Rose
1 part Italian Lemon Soda
Plum Bitters to taste

Garnish with strawberries and blueberries and serve on crushed ice.