Royal Spirit

Macieira Royal Spirit

Tasting Notes

On the nose, it is delicatly complex and typical of distilled wines, with subtle notes of anise and coriander due to the use of "vinho abafado." The taste is smooth, rich and well-structured, with subtle tannins. Flavors of vanilla, apricot, peach and honey are married with a discreet presence of chestnut sap.


Distillation of wines made from grapes that thrive in the temperate climate of Estremadura, whose wine culture dates back to Roman times.

Technical Notes

Macieira is the result of the distillation of wines from select Portuguese grapes. It is blended with aged fortified wines. The production is a 125 year old method of blending and aging, using only small oak and chestnut Portuguese casks.

Food Pairing

Traditionally enjoyed at room temperature as a digestif in a snifter. It also makes a unique cocktail - check back soon for recipes at the bottom of this page.

Did you know fact

Internationally recognized, Macieira has won various awards since making its presence at the World Expo in Paris in 1889. Vouching for the quality of Macieira's “5 STARS,” the brand was selected to replenish stocks of cognac destroyed during World War II.



How to prepare:

Macerate ½ lime cut into wedges with ½ tablespoon of Brown sugar.

Add crushed ice, then 1.5oz Macieira and stir.

Garnish with a lime wedge and two straws.


5 cl of Macieira

15 cl of pineapple juice

2 drops of lemon juice

Crushed ice

Garnish with 3 peppermint leaves

Long Drink


5 cl of Macieira

15 cl of cola

2/3 ice cubes

Garnish with a lime slice

Long Drink


5 cl of Macieira

15 cl of passion fruit juice

5 drops of lime juice

2/3 ice cubes

Garnish with a Lime slice

Long Drink