Gran Reserva

Montecillo Gran Reserva

Tasting Notes

Clean and brilliant, deep ruby red wine, very perfumed with mature fruit aromas. Complex and elegant. Satin textured, showing fine tannins and a seductive leather palate. Sleek and refined liquorice tinged finish.


100% Tempranillo

Technical Notes

Aged in handcrafted French and American oak casks for 26 months. The wine was then rounded off in the bottle for at least 36 months before its release, both ageing techniques granting this wine Gran Reserva status and the highest Rioja quality.

Food Pairing

Ideal companion for grilled or barnequed red meat, stew, and slightly spicy dishes. A powerful wine that enhances the flavor of rich or cured cheeses like Manchego.

Did you know fact

Established in 1874, Bodegas Montecillo is one of the oldest wineries in the D.O. Rioja. Montecillo maintains its ancient underground ‘bodega’ where hand stacked bottles remain undisturbed until reaching optimal roundness. Montecillo wines are crafted to enjoy a long bottle life; they continue bottle ageing longer than those from other wineries in the region.


Vintage - 2011


Vintage - 2010


Vintage - 2010


Vintage - 2010