Rioja Crianza

Montecillo Rioja Crianza

Tasting Notes

Rioja Crianza maintains a surprising intensity and a cherry red color with a still bluish rim. It is explosive on the nose, rich and lively with drive. Cooked red fruit dominates with a slight hint of blackberry. The oak appears after aeration, showing sweet notes and a seductive finish with notes of patisserie intertwined with the fruit. On the palate it is broad, round and very characteristic of the variety, with notes of ripe red fruit. Full of flavour. Multiple nuances appear on its journey through the palate, with balanced, powerful tannins that fill the mouth, bringing pleasure, and giving it a long, silky aftertaste. Exquisite acidity in combination with the tannins and juiciness that appears once again on the finish.


87% Tempranillo, 13% Garnacha

Technical Notes

The Tempranillo grapes come from vineyards in the Rioja Alta, very close to the winery. The Garnacha comes from vineyards in Alcanadre, Rioja Oriental, with the tannic potential needed to sustain time in oak without losing the fresh fruit. Vatting of the Tempranillo in a Ganímede tank and cold maceration over 2 to 3 days. Alcoholic fermentation at 24o to respect the fruit, extracting colour and aroma, as well as ripe, smooth tannins. Malolactic fermentation in small underground cement tanks. The Garnacha fermented in small stainless steel tanks, with temperature control and continuous pumping-over. Ageing in semi-new American oak barrels, 18 months in the case of the Tempranillo and 14 months for the Garnacha. In the case of the latter variety, the cask bottoms are untoas- ted to increase the fruit; whereas for the Tempranillo, the bases are lightly or medium toasted to achieve greater complexity. Once it has completed the ageing process, decisive tastings are carried out to determine the final blend. After bottling, it will spend at least six months in complete tranquillity, rounding itself off in our underground cellars, at a constant temperature and humidity in absolute darkness.

Food Pairing

Rioja Crianza goes surprisingly well with tapas as well as expressing itself perfectly alongside more substantial meals, such as pulse-based stews, lean meats, charcuterie and homemade stews.

Did you know fact

More than a hundred and forty- five years after its foundation, Bodegas Montecillo continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and its focus on producing maximum quality wines year after year. Montecillo Crianza is a classic Rioja, complex and balanced - perfect for enjoying on any occasion.

91 - Highly Recommended

Vintage - 2016

90 - #1 TOP 100 BEST BUY

Vintage - 2016


Vintage - 2015

Best for $12 or Less

Vintage - 2015