Sherry Fino

Tasting Notes

Amazingly brilliant, showing a pale yellow color. Clean and sharp, displays fresh green apple aromas mingled with enticing almond notes. Very nice salty nuances that evokes the sea. Sheer class with a dry palate.


A selection of the finest Palomino grapes from the best Pagos of the Sherry Triangle.

Technical Notes

The Palomino grapes are gently harvested by hand and carried in small boxes to avoid damages to the grapes. Then, they are softly pressed, followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature of 24ºC/75ºF. Once the wine achieves 11%-12% vol., wine spirit is added up to 15% vol. The fortified wine is then transferred to 500 liter American oak casks, where ages for 3.5 years average through the unique system of Soleras. Thanks to a perfect combination of humidity and temperature in our winery, a layer of yeasts develops covering the wine surface, Flor. This unique, natural process keeps de the wine freshness, avoiding oxidation, and gives its marvellous and distinctive flavours.

Food Pairing

Serve it chilled or very chilled. Ideal as an aperitif together with tapas, such as Manchego cheese, olives and salted almonds. Excellent with iberico ham and all kind of shellfish and seafood. Go ahead and try it in a Bloody Mary cocktail recipe instead of vodka, or mixed a long drink in a glass with ice soda and mint leaves for a truly refreshing drink.


Sherry Spritz

Equal parts Osborne Fino or Manzanilla Sherry

Serve on the rocks with mint and lemon. Make a pitcher of it…. It will not stick around long!